How do you optimize brain communication rapidly with one of, if not, thee funnest ways possible? How do you build a tolerance for frustration with infinite ways of self-playfulll entertainment?? Anyone... Anyone???


JUGGLE!!!, of course :)

That is why there is this course!

Whether you are looking to optimize brain function, lower stress, crush depression or just want to discover something that provides infinite entertainment, juggling is the Ultimate Brain Exercise; that is not an overstatement!

The benefits of juggling cannot be understated, the list keeps growing... and it also looks pretty f*n cool overall, everyone is entertained by juggling, right?

I mean, who doesn't like juggling???

Over years, I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say to me, "I wish I could do that!"...

Well... YOU CAN!!!

I have put together the best tools I have found, helping overcome the obstacles to success that can sometimes be discouraging.

I have seen people pick up juggling almost instantly, teaching someone from scratch usually takes 30-45min.

Many people, unfortunately, come to a point of frustration and get stuck.

I want to minimize juggler school dropout... :(

It takes commitment... that is true... is it worthy?

What is your ROI???

I'll personally offer a double your money back guarantee! ;)

Time wise, when you get the cascade down, when you are juggling, you will understand the why of it; investment returns are OFF THE CHARTS!!! In, literally, infinite ways...

Take the first step, commit to learning the cascade, your world will shift; you set a goal, you did it... it is addictive!

The doorway is open to endless ways to challenge, grow and flow your brain in the most frustratingly fun way possible...

Of the many things that can exercise your brain, balance hemispheres, light up your corpus callosum and get you into your PlayFlowState... juggling is simply the best exercise of fun I have come across; it is divine!

I wanted to make it fun & easy to learn... follow the steps, get comfortable with the process, build on your success, become a juggler!

Help transform our/your world, crush boredom and depression, awaken your inner-child... you've got this!

Play On!!!

Aloha, Zander here, Ambassador & Fool of Play...

I tell people, "if you knew how good juggling was for you, you would just do it, no questions!". Well, as it turns out, that is easier said than done... AND...

I am on a mission to change that!

Find ways to continually discover your Joy, the infinite box of fun is open...

For any age, juggling is extraordinary, your brain & body, will thank you...

Focus and relax your mind, dissolve your worries, find your PlayFlowState...