Brain Training at its funnest!

Origami is an underestimated brain exercise.

A short list of the benefits:

  1. hand eye coordination
  2. math reasoning
  3. spacial skills
  4. memory enhancement
  5. 3D comprehension
  6. geometry skills
  7. patience and attention skills
  8. fine motor skills
  9. mental concentration
  10. creative thinking
  11. psychophysiology
  12. develops visualization skills
  13. encourages patience
  14. promotes attention to detail
  15. helps to focus
  16. builds self-esteem
  17. helps regain control of hand movements
  18. builds muscles and tactile senses
  19. more rewarding than traditional “hand exercise”
  20. helps with ADHD, autism, mental retardation and other psychological conditions
  21. anti-depression
  22. enhances behavior skills
  23. helps focus addicts away from negative addictions
  24. decreases anxiety
  25. sense of achievement

Impressive, yes???

What makes CRANiOGAMi special?

Starting from dollar bill designs, I searched far and wide to discover the best origami animals I could find. They had to fit a criteria of the final design looking like the animal, they had to be relatively easy to fold together, and they had to stand up on their own without props.

The peacock is the easiest to fold design of the craniogami series.

Example Curriculum

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Craniogami Peacock

Fold Your Brain Into Shape!