Do you want to be playful and creative but instead feel...

Frustrated • Anxious • Depressed

Overwhelmed • Bored • Stuck

Hopeless • Brain Fog • Low self-esteem

A daily dose of this 14 day course on the Path of Play will have you feeling

energized, optimistic, and playful

with no negative side effects.

Traveling the world, I noticed that the people who Play the most are the ones who enjoy life to the fullest, age the most gracefully, and are the happiest people on the planet.

It has become my mission to remind us of our true nature, our reason for being, and how we can awaken this spirit that has been shut down from a society that has lead us astray from our FUNdamental purpose.

Presented in this course are the best tools I have come across to remind us how to get our mojo back, enjoy life again, and back on the Path of Play!

Welcome to your Playground...